About Sophiella

My daughter Sophiella was diagnosed at 4 months of age with Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumor, a rare brain and spine cancer affecting approximately 30 children a year. She endured many brain surgeries, chemotherapy protocols, a bone marrow transplant, several complete radiation therapies, and countless days and procedures at Miami Children’s Hospital throughout her life. She had many happy times, and brought joy to all she met.

Despite the unimaginable discomfort and having to suffer things no baby and child ever should face, she never complained. She took everything in stride, soldiered on when most would give up, and came back from situations many times surprising her doctors and nurses. Finally, her body could take no more and she is in a place of happiness and joy.

I am holding this event to raise funds for CureATRT.org, to research cures for pediatric brain and spine cancers. I ask that you attend and contribute to make the lives of afflicted children better. Sophiella would ask the same.

– Michael Kukie

Princess Sophiella in a blue dress
Sophiella - graduation
Sophiella - bike
Sophiella and her dad
Sophiella and her dad
Birthday girl Sophiella
Princess Sophiella in a red polka dot dress

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